Fumi tsubushita

K (Kei)

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At home you kick
off your heels
You wanted to be treated like an adult
and now you have to behave like one

Say Goodbye to being pampered in the past
(Let me seize the day)
We have to live in this distorted "reality" Yeah...
we have to head towards the unseen future
without being bothered by the darkness

Don't stop me now
please let go of my hand
I know I can find something
I can turn back to
(Let me go now, now)

Time is grinding
and passing by woh woh...
The toy from your memories
lies broken along the road

The meaning of leaving
(Let me see the way)
Even now, I still don't know it, No...
I'd rather look ahead and see whats there
instead of losing the way

Don't stop me now
I'll watch over you wherever I go
Don't worry
I won't cause anyone to hurt again
(Let me go, now)

Perhaps this is just a detour
Maybe, I don't know where to go
but I choose this over regret ohh...

(Don't stop me now) Don't worry
(Living in "reality") I...
I know I can find something
I can turn back to
(Let me go, now)

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